Digital Files:
Please be sure to include all linked images with your files. If a CD, disk or travel drive is provided, do not have any unrelated files on there, as this can cause confusion as well as the possibility that your job will print incorrectly. Whenever possible, save your file(s) to a high resolution PDF.

Include all fonts, both screen and printer fonts. Although PC and Macs use different fonts, we try to support both platforms. However, with literally thousands of fonts available, we may not have them all. Fonts must be converted to curves.

Please specify the PMS color that is used. If one is not, then we cannot be held liable for an incorrect color. We will match as close as possible from what was provided. If your job is to be printed full color (4 color process) the colors need to be set for the CMYK, not RGB. Anytime files are converted from RGB, the color does not translate to the desired color. Any pictures/scanned images must be saved at no less than 300 dpi.

A minimum of 1/8" is required, a 1/4" is preferred. If you are not sure about how to pull bleeds, please call us and we will be glad to assist you. EXAMPLE

Application Compatibility & Accepted Media