About Us

Apex Printing Company was founded in June of 1977. The owner at that time, Charles H. Woodard, started one afternoon with basically a dream and his faith in God. From our humble beginnings on one side of a double garage, to using a window as our first light table, to just sitting on the steps with a glass of iced tea and dreaming of what things could be after a long day of work, we have been blessed beyond belief to be where we are today.

Our current facility has allowed us to do a tremendous amount of growing. Of course, it woudn't be at all possible without our employees. Their dedication and attention to detail makes all the difference. With all the changes that seem to be taking place these days and the fast pace of life, it's nice to know that some things never change nor go out of style - customer service, being honest and doing things "the way they used to be done". Where a handshake and a person's word still count for something. We strive daily to continue with the basic principles that have gotten us to where we are today. Please allow us the opportunity to earn your trust and to help you achieve what you desire from your local printing company.